Some people on the right use the term “snowflake” to describe liberals. I started down this path of looking for who came up with the term. I had no idea it had such a long history of being considered a derogatory term. As an example it was used to describe those opposed to the abolition of slavery. But that is not really what this post is about.

I was reading through hundreds of proposed bills for this session of the Oklahoma Legislature and got to thinking that there should be a term kind of like “snowflake” but to describe a few dozen GOP members of the Oklahoma State House and Senate.

I mentioned this to Kelly and said that at least snowflakes are each unique, they are beautiful to look at and they are good for crops and yards. She said, “hailstones.”

And that term is perfect to describe those legislators I have in mind. They really do no good.

Hailstones only do damage. They destroy crops, like fields of wheat or cotton. They can kill livestock. They damage vehicle bodies and windshields. They tear up roofs on homes. They break windows. They’ve even killed people. When they melt they may add moisture to the ground but only after they have damaged the plant life growing in the soil.

In the coming weeks I plan to highlight some of the hailstones in the Oklahoma Legislature and some of the bills they are proposing be passed into law.

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