2020 Election is Over … Welcome 2022

Now that the 2020 Election is over (yes, it is over, the shenanigans may continue for a few more weeks, but it is done) we can finally move on to normal life!

Well, not really.

Covid-19 is more out of hand now than ever and here in Oklahoma our Governor just keeps doing what he’s done since the beginning, practically nothing. Oh he has done some things: ignored doctors and science, repeated phrases about freedom and personal responsibility, continued to go out in public and refuse to set a good example by wearing a mask.

But maybe that will soon change. Former State Senator Ervin Yen announced that he is running for Governor. Yen is Dr. Yen, an MD, as in medical doctor.

Disclosure here: Dr. Yen is a friend of mine. But, he is a Republican and I am not. Because in Oklahoma we have closed primaries* I can’t vote for him in the Republican Primary.

Covid-19 and Stitt’s lack of leadership is what made Dr. Yen jump into the race.

From his announcement: “As a physician, my entire career has been trying to make Oklahomans healthier. The Governor of Oklahoma’s top job should be to protect our state and our people. Oklahoma is sorely lacking with that type of leadership.  I cannot and will not stand back and just watch this happen.  Every day I see the new deaths and my anger just increases.  If this is allowed to continue, we could still be in this pandemic on election day 2022,” said Dr. Yen.

YES! Thank you Dr. Yen. If only more Oklahoma Republicans would get mad about the lack of leadership, the number of Oklahomans dying, the overworked healthcare professionals, the disappearing available hospital beds.

As of this writing, there were 11 more Covid-19 deaths in Oklahoma reported today (11/12/20) bringing the total so far to 1,481 dead Oklahomans. That is the equivalent of almost 9 (NINE) April 19, 1995 OKC Bombing deaths. (9 x 168 = 1,512) We will reach that number of dead Oklahomans within days. I wasn’t a fan of Governor Frank Keating but I am so glad he was governor back then rather than our current governor.

Governor Stitt had another press conference this week and again refused to issue a mask mandate.

More from Dr. Yen: “Oklahoma desperately needs a mask mandate covering all 77 counties. When I first read about this virus, I knew it would come to the U.S.  I knew it would hit cities like NYC hard.  I thought perhaps Oklahoma would be spared being a hot spot, since we have always socially distanced, compared to places like NYC.  I was wrong.  This virus is so contagious, it will go everywhere.  It just goes to rural areas later than urban areas.  Mandating masks in a county after an outbreak is way too late,” said Dr. Yen.

As I stated above, I can’t vote for Dr. Yen in a Republican Primary in 2022. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try to help him. And right now in Oklahoma, it is almost a guarantee that whoever wins the Republican Primary is who will win the General Election for Governor. This year, of the 1,560,699 Oklahomans who voted, 710,000 used the “straight-party” option of voting. 71% voted Republican, 28% voted Democrat and 1% voted Libertarian.

I am proud Dr. Yen has stepped up and is speaking out. The health of our people and our state are the most important thing we face right now, even if Governor Kevin Stitt doesn’t think so.

P.S. I really like Dr. Yen’s logo with the mask!

Wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distance from others in public. Be responsible adults.

(*It is left up to the political parties here to decide who can vote in their primaries. Republicans only allow Republicans to vote in their primary. Democrats and Libertarians allow Independents to vote in their primaries.)